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White Collar

White Collar Crimes

Enforcement of anti-corruption laws is becoming increasingly stringent across jurisdictions. In the era of digitization and data mining, the government agencies seek to effectively monitor compliance and become proactive in terms of enforcement under all laws including anti- corruption and bribery laws.

As part of the white collar crimes practice, we have developed a special focus on anti-corruption laws. Corporates must comply with domestic and international anti-corruption laws of the jurisdictions where they do business, while facing growing public expectations of integrity and ethical conduct and pressure from stakeholders to be more transparent. We help our clients build a pervasive culture of compliance, ethical business conduct and integrity that improves business results and mitigates risk of non-compliance. We work with our clients to design robust policies including anti-corruption policies, implement preventive measures and monitor compliance mechanisms.

Our team has extensive experience of advising clients with respect to white collar crimes and anti-corruption laws, including legal framework and compliance requirements in India; conducting ethics and integrity due diligence; assessing risk of non-compliances and recommending mitigation measures; assisting in third party vendor, supplier due diligence; conducting corporate investigations and general advisory in relation to wrongdoings attributed to promoters and other key personnel; employment contracts, commercial contracts; investigations into complaints of corruption such as whistleblower complaints, complaints of employee misconduct and kickbacks; conducting awareness and training workshops including employee/vendor trainings on handling external investigations; pre-litigation strategies and advising on legal recourse against delinquent employees.