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Labour & Employment

Ranging from advice on contractual documentation to ensuring regulatory compliance, our employment team provides end to end solutions to clients. The team includes dedicated and experienced lawyers who regularly advise both domestic and international clients on the complex regulatory and legal aspects of employment and labour law, both at Central and State level.

We have extensive experience in drafting all kinds of employment related documentation including employment letters and agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, termination, severance, release and settlement agreements, consultancy agreements, intellectual property assignment agreements, employee handbooks and company policies.

On the transactional side, the employment team works closely with the corporate and commercial team in conducting due diligence from a labour and employment perspective, analysing transactional issues, advising on the aspect of termination and other compliances pertaining to the transfer of employees and reviewing employment provisions under the transaction agreements. Further, the employment team also works closely with the litigation and dispute resolution team in handling disputes arising out of employment relationship.

Issues such as employee terminations, lay-offs, redundancies, downsizing and closure of establishments are dealt with in a pragmatic yet culturally astute manner. Being highly sensitive matters, the team renders advice both from a legal and practical perspective and guides the client through the entire termination process.

As part of its practice, the employment team also conducts periodic HR audits, assists clients in resolving and managing a culturally diverse work force and also deals with extensive social security regimes.