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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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Doing business in India

Doing business in India

Doing Business in India comes with its own challenges. Clasis Law partners have first-hand knowledge and experience of the Indian market and are able to provide practical and commercially sound advice to clients to resolve complex commercial regulatory, legal and technical issues characteristic of doing business in India.

Clasis Law aids and advises on the possible modes of entry into India, advising foreign clients desirous of doing business in India or with Indian parties to enter into contractual arrangements with Indian parties. We provide all kinds of assistance in drafting, negotiating agreements including franchise agreements, distribution contracts or agreements for supply of goods etc. Clasis Law also assists and advises on setting up a presence in India and choosing the best entry options available to foreign entities either through an unincorporated entity (i.e. a liaison office, branch office or project office) or incorporated entity (wholly owned subsidiary or joint venture company).